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Kingdom business is always our highest priority

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Kingdom Funding Group, LLC

Funding your “Keys to the Kingdom” for financial success with fast cash, quick closings, and no credit required!

Solomon's Temple Builders, LLC

Freeing home owners from “less than perfect” properties.  Call us to find out how we can best serve you!

HIS Investment Services, LLC

Creating enjoyable community living and working spaces!

Our Vision

Share the love and the word of God, as well as serve our clients and the community, while supporting our families and charities.

Our Mission

Simplify administrative services related to real estate investing.
Save souls to the glory and Lordship of God through sharing the love of Jesus/Yeshua, the Christ/Messiah.
Serve our clients and communities with the utmost care, integrity, and excellence.
Support our families spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially, along with charities as led by the Lord.

About Crest

Crest is your full service, nationwide solution for all your real estate investing needs. It is the corporate office for Kingdom Funding Group, LLC, Solomon’s Temple Builders, LLC and His Investment Service, LLC. In addition, we also have two sister companies. I-X-CEL Services, LLC, which can assist with your web development needs and Replenishment Ministries Incorporated which is currently developing a place to provide holistic ministry to the saints of God through a self-sustaining ministry retreat center.